Who We Are

STG Labs leadership brings a combined 100 years of experience in technology, offshoring, near-shoring, process re-engineering, and change management.

The STG Labs and STG leadership teams works closely to leverage decades of entrepreneurial expertise helping companies reach their full potential.

Marc Bala

Managing Director

Subrahmanya Bhat

Vice President, Finance and Operations, STG Labs

Kelly Carlson

Managing Director, Head of Talent

William Chisholm

Managing Partner

Samir Duggal

Senior Vice President, Business Operations, STG Labs

Marshall Haines

Managing Director

Stephen Henkenmeier

Managing Director & Chief Financial Officer

Vaishali Hotpeti

STG Labs Human Resources Business Partner

Rushi Kulkarni

Managing Director

Stefano Malnati

Operating Executive - Technology*

Mahinder Mathrani

Operating Partner

Sunit Mukherjee

Managing Director

Swami Rao

Vice President, Technology, STG Labs

J.T. Treadwell


Hareesh Shastry

Director - Program Management

About STG

STG was founded in 2002 as Symphony Technology Group, LLC, with the singular mission of building outstanding companies in the mid-market enterprise software and software-enabled technology services sector.

In 2017, the leadership team rebranded the firm as STG signaling a renewed commitment to its mission and seeking to continue the value-oriented investment strategy employed by the Managing Directors at Symphony. STG’s portfolio has consisted of more than 50 global companies and currently has $10 billion of assets under management (as of March 2023). STG believes that its competitive advantages stem from a combination of capabilities developed from years of focus and experience.